What To Do If Your Real Estate Appraisal Is Too Low

Written by: PrimaLoans Staff

When a person owns a valuable object, they are often curious to find out exactly how valuable that object actually is.  Depending on how potentially valuable the item could be, a professional may be called in to determine how much the item would go for on an open market.  An antique appraiser, for example, will look at an object whose value lies in its age and uniqueness, and determines how much someone would pay for it.  Just as an antique appraiser will look at old and sometimes unique items, a real estate appraiser will determine how much real estate properties are worth.  Houses are appraised for many different reasons, but sometimes, the appraisal isn’t the figure the homeowner had in mind. If this happens to you, here are some tips on how you can turn your low appraisal around.

Whenever someone pulls up to a home, the front yard is the first thing they see.  Believe it or not, many appraisals have been lowered simply because the yard wasn’t maintained properly.  The old saying about making a first impression is true when it comes to a real estate appraisal.  A homeowner needs to make sure that the yard looks its absolute best so that the first impression doesn’t result in a low appraisal value.

Another way to raise the appraisal value would be to do some minor home improvements. While some people spend thousands of dollars redoing their kitchen or bathroom, something as simple as new kitchen or bathroom faucets can really improve any real estate appraisal because it is viewed as remodeling, which will make a home more valuable.

Organization is another key to improve a low appraisal value.  A cluttered room can be unsightly, especially in a garage or closet in the home.  A homeowner can put up a shelving unit that has many compartments and organize everything into them.  Organizing everything into a bin or a compartment shelf will take all the clutter away and give a much more aesthetically appealing appearance to an appraiser.


What To Do If Your Real Estate Appraisal Is Too...

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