Ah, The Sweet Smell Of Money! Canadian Bills With A Touch Of Maple Syrup?

Written by: Jack Boylan

Good idea! Canada rolled out its new $100 Canadian bills recently and got a strange response. Many people claimed that the plastic money had a distinct scent of maple syrup. Nobody seemed to be complaining-in fact they appeared to rather like the idea. Typical of governments everywhere however, they immediately tried to tamp down any such fun notions of a maple syrupy currency:

Media liaisons for the Bank of Canada have repeatedly denied that there is any particular scent to the money, but that didn’t stop concerned citizens.

Not to fear, as that denial did nothing to dampen the flames of this sugary conspiracy. Actually, in some cases it was just the opposite. Many of the complaints regarding the new bills concentrated on those defective notes that had a dearth of odor:

‘The note…lost its maple smell. I strongly suggest the Bank increases the strength of the… maple smell,’ one person wrote.

An excellent suggestion if ever I heard one! Just what one wants in some constructive criticism. Along with the complaint the fine citizen gives a nice solution to fix the problem.

And while Canada may or may not be scenting their bills (for the record, I am going with they are and it’s a conspiracy of some kind!) it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a great idea. After all, money is very dirty and while I haven’t smelled it in quite some time, I don’t remember the scent to be particularly fantastic. Maybe a faint smell of print on the newer bills and that’s about it. So let us not let this brilliant idea slip from our fingers. My first thought is as nice bacon bill, of course, but I am certainly open to other ideas. Plus, that might be starting too lofty. Maybe we save bacon for at least the $100 bill or wait for the government to again issue those $500 notes. Grant was known for his whiskey and cigars, so maybe one of those would be a nice aroma (or both!) for the $50 bill.

Let’s get our candy makers, perfume makers etc. working on this right away. And while we don’t have a nice smelling national symbol like Canada does (I confess that I don’t know what a bald eagle smells like–but how good could it be?) I am sure that we can all get our collective heads together and come to some nice solutions. Bring on smell-o-money!


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